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Korg Gadget Review

  The creators of the legendary Trition Workstation return with more Gadgets for your Studio Rack

Korg has a slew of synths and samplers in the App Store for iOS, and to round off their arsenal,they have released a music production DAW that includes over 20 synths,drum machines and samplers – called Korg Gadget.

It’s takes a rather um, different approach to the usual linear-based sequencer/DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in that its song view is more of a tracker which plays scenes from top to bottom.

The Gadgets ARE rather versatile and powerful though.They cover pretty much every modern genre of music, and the presets are high quality. 

Choosing to name their Gadget’s behind the cities that created the iconic music styles that inspired the creation of each Gadget , Korg named this the Brussels Monophonic Anthem Synthesizer

The only weakness Korg Gadget has as of date is the lack of Audio Tracks, which is set to be solved when they release the program for MacOS and update the  iOS version . You can get Gadget now for your iPad (Mini 2,4th Gen and up) , iPhone (5s and up) and iPod Touch (6th Gen) now for $39.99.