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FL Studio Mobile 3 Walkthrough

Rejoice FL Studio users! You’re one of the chosen few who actually have a full blown mobile version of your DAW to lay down a groove while on the go. It’s practically an entirely new program from the desktop version with it’s own learning curve, so today I’m going to help you incorporate FL Studio Mobile into your work flow.

The song timeline view is pretty straightforward, but it has some powerful capabilities tucked away that aren’t too obvious to a beginning DAW user. There are two sets of track types: MIDI for the Synth and Drum Tracks , and Audio for the Wave and Vocal Tracks.Then you have the Master Track.

The many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the size of the keys on the touch piano, will he pleased to learn that the keys are resizable:

 Just place your thumbs anywhere on the gray bar, preferably on the sides of the the transport (Rec,Rewind, and Play buttons) to expand or contract the width of the keys.
 Another not-so-intuitive feature is the pattern view on drum tracks. You’d be surprised at how many people have asked in the YouTube Comments how to edit or change the kits on a drum track.

 Just Double Tap on any midi clip on your drum track to see the drum pattern view,or right click and choose the Edit button to access the pattern view of your drums.

There are alot of tweak-able controls in the Drum Pattern Area.

All of these features along with more advanced ones like Automation and Aux Sends which distributes FX to multiple tracks- are more digestible when demonstrated, like in the video below: