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        Battery Life





            • The 18:9 Dolby Vision, HDR 10 enabled display is a first on all three fronts
            • Waterproof,meets 810G Military Standards
            • Unique,Capable Dual Camera Setup
            • Awesome Build


            • Glass back adds a fragile feel to an overall durable feeling device
            • No HiFi DAC
            The harmonius marriage of glass and metal has a striking appearance that a Photo just can’t capture.

            “​The Photographer’s Smartphone.” “The Designer’s Device”. “The best phone LG ever manufactured”. However you describe it,there’s no getting around the fact that LG released the 1st candidate for 2017 Smartphone of the Year.

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            The LG G6 has an all glass and metal build that feels well constructed and durable in the hand,yet still drop fragile. I just can’t get over manufacturers choosing glass backs over metal, for any reason over than antenna reception issues. Yet it has become a standard on premium phones,one that Apple started-even though the iPhone hasn’t had a glass back since the iPhone 4s. Yet here is the LG G6,with an all glass back. Not to say it isn’t beautiful, it’s one of the best looking Smartphones you can find on display at a carrier.

            In fact, its durable enough to have passed the military-standard 810-g certification, which  makes it water,dust,sand, and shock resistant.

            Other standout features include the G6’s 18:9 Quad HD display, that’s also makes the G6 the first Dolby Vision and HDR 10 Certified device. It has a dual-camera setup as well,to 13MP Cameras to be exact. What makes this dual-camera setup so unique is one has a standard view,the other a 120 degree wide view. The latter is lacking the larger aperture and image stabilization of the camera with the normal view lens,but they both combine to make one of the best smartphone cameras of 2017.

            The main gripe about the LG G6 seems to come from LG’s choice of processor,the Snapdragon 821 from late 2016. This seems to put a glass ceiling on the device’s future proofing. but the device devices cutting edge performance nonetheless.

            As far as software, the G6 os running Android 7.0 with LG UX UI on top, the result is typically what you would expect if you are familiar with the G5 or V20, for those who aren’t- LG’s UI gives LG devices its own look and set of features similar to how Touchwiz gives Galaxy’s their own personality.

            I personality like the LG G6, I believe it’s LG’s best looking device and if the G6 is a hint of LG’s new design language- they are going to make the premium range even more competitive.

            LG is running several specials with each carrier, so if you are interested in the G6, you might want to shop around or check with your carrier before the offers expire.

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