LG G Stylo 2 Plus Hands On

LG G Stylo 2 Plus

LG G Stylo 2 Plus







        Battery Life





            • Big Screen, Big Battery
            • Enhanced Stylus
            • Well Rounded Suite of Stylo Apps
            • LG's OLED Display Technology
            • Stylish Alternative to the Note Series


            • Cant move apps to SD card out the box
            • Mediocre Camera when not in well lit areas

            With Samsung’s Note Series on the ropes, does LG’s Stylus-equipped G Stylo 2 Plus have what it takes to land a K.O. on the score cards?

            The G Stylo 2 Plus is a capable alternative to the Galaxy Note brand.

            LG, the first manufacturer who has attempted to challenge Samsung’s Note Series- gets a little closer to being a serious threat with the G Stylo 2 Plus.

            The third iteration of the G Stylo brand, differs from the G Stylo 2 in that it comes with a octo-core processor (instead of a quad-core) and a fingerprint reader. While it generally comes in a brownish Expresso color, today we’re looking at the Black Carbon Fiber version…

            While the back of the LG G Stylo isn’t made of real carbon fiber thread, it sure does shine like it.

            The G Stylo 2 Plus comes with 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage + an SD Card slot that can take up to a 2 TB SD card.Also rocking a Snapdragon 430 octo-core processor clocked at 1.5 ghz., the G Stylo 2 Plus has with a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front-facimg camera. It comes equipped with a 2900mAh battery.

            But the star of the show is the enhanced stylus…and while it’s not as feature packed as say,the S-Pen- it is made of a durable aluminum thats pretty study.

            The tip of the stylus has a soft fiber tip that compliments the phone’s touchscreen like a felt pen does paper. It really is a nice touch.

            While it there aren’t any mechanics within the ‘Stylo’ itself, the screen does have pressure-sensitive enhancements. The Pen Keeper also gives haptic feedback and sound effect that can be toggled off from within the settings. It also has a dedicated Stylo App hub, called ‘Pen Pop’.

            Pen Pop brings LG’s Stylo Apps to the forefront, with an extra slot for your favorite app.

            The G Stylo’s suite of apps bundled in the Pen Pop interface are Pop Memo, Capture+, Pop Scanner,  and QuickMemo+.

            Pop Memo let’s you take notes in a Post-It-esque Tab.
            Capture+ brings easy mark-ups and annotation to screenshots.
            PopScanner adds built-in document scanning to the G Stylo 2 Plus.

            LG rounds off the Pen Pop apps with QuickMemo+

            There are a few other hidden tricks, like off-screen memo…

            Need to take a quick note on the fly? Just remove the stylus to take Memos even when the screen is off.

            I have been fan of the Stylo brand since the first G Stylo, for one- because it really was a forerunner in the “flagship killer” era of smartphones that undercut the market leaders prices with premium devices at a budget price. LG as a manufacturer really doesn’t get the credit for being the brand that other companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus and ZTE molds their business model after-being the first to consistantly provide premium devices at midrange prices.

            While I will be the first to admit the G Stylo 2 Plus isn’t the fastest smartphone by a long shot,the internals are more than enough to run Android smoothly  it runs just as snappy as a flagship,and it can handle any game that ISN’T VR in the Google Play Store. While mid-range budget steals like the ZTE ZMax Pro rocks a faster processor,a USB C port and 32GB internal storage- where the G Stylo 2 Plus begins to shine is when looking at the software enhancements and features. It’s probably the most feature packed phone under $250 in the whole market. If LG can include and IR Blaster, 3 GB of RAM,USB C and a metal frame in the LG G Stylo 3 Plus…2017 just may be the year of the Stylo.

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