N-Track Studio 8 Pro Android/iOS Review

N-Track Studio

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            • Nice UI
            • Pro Quality Effects
            • Songtree Social Integration


            • Requires Near Flagship-level Specs to run smooth

            Will 2017 will be the year that marks the point in history that Android catches up to iOS in Digital Audio tools? Developers, under the realisation that their apps will run just as smooth on Android devices (with specs on par with iPhone/iPad) just as well as they do on iOS-have began to move over their music-making tools. N-TRACK Studio 8 is one of those apps to make the transition.

            Developed by N-Track, based in Rome, N-Track Studio 8 Pro for Android has been on the scene for 5 years. During that time, it has had the chance to catch up to the iOS version- and they have a desktop version to port your sessions for additional editing.

            N-Track’s Step Sequencer let’s you Program Drums like a Pro

            Working with a ⬆ Step Sequencer ⬆ and a   ⬇ Piano Roll ⬇, you can churn out nice quality compositions.

            A Virtual Keyboard helps you play music more realistically than the traditional piano roll

            N-TRACK Studio Pro is the first Social Mobile Music Studio

            What separates N-Track from your typical Music-Making App is your access to tons of sounds, Instrumentals,vocals and more-due to it’s Songtree integration.

            The ?-like icon above the words ‘Collaborate’ opens a online world of sonic possibilities.

            Songtree is a Social network that allows you to share your musical creations with other Creatives,but with a twist: you can download music you like and upload it back to Songtree,which grows another branch of the creation-

            Find inspiration in uploaded creations on Songtree…
            And upload your contribution to the composition back to Songtree for others to listen or overdub themselves!

            And let’s you share with the world to enjoy or even remix themselves. Great concept, which is executed pretty flawlessly- if only navigating around the N-Track Pro interface itself was as reliable…
            N-Track Studio 8 crashed after the  download completed from Songtree, a second attempt was more successful. But when closing the social window,the waveforms went missing:

            It was still present,when I pressed play I could hear the tracks audio:

            Then when I switched back to the timeline view, it reappeared:

            Mostly glitches in the UI/UX (User Interface/Experience), not necessarily the stability of the sound engine, it ruins what would be an otherwise awesome experience.
            N-Track Studio 8 has great quality effects,even though they only cover the essentials- and allows you to connect external audio interfaces with audio routing,record up to 24 and 32 bit, and connect MIDI controllers. N-Track has Automation on deck as well- you can also transfer your sessions over to N-Track Studio 8 Desktop to use your favorite Plug-Ins or Mix and Master your session.

            You can get N-Track on all major OSes- Mac, Windows, iOS and Android- the Mobile versions (which we’re reviewing) will run you $0.99 (Standard) to $1.99 (Pro) a month, or $29.99 (Pro) outright. Visit N-Track for more info,or hit the buttons above to download now.

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