Songtree (App Review)









        Audio Quality





            • Collaborate and Remix with others Online
            • Integrated Social Network
            • Two Studio Modes for Novices and Pros
            • Great Sound Quality
            • Upload Audio to Social Profile or Save to Device


            • Collaborative feature not Real-Time

            One of the downsides about the latest in music creation technology advances is the ability to do DIY means you’re at higher risk of the loner syndrome- working in seclusion. Or maybe you’re just a working adult, who can’t seem to sink your schedule with session musicians,co-writers and vocalist- causing you to miss out on all the creative input,support and energy that come with the collaborative efforts that mades so many classic records great. But what if you could add a social ascept to your DAW or workflow, that allows you to collaborate with others around the world,any time of the day? Enter: Songtree.

            Songtree is a social networking app for musicians, that let’s you upload audio content like guitar pieces, drum takes,vocals, full songs, to just about any thing you can contribute – to be discovered by other Songtree users who can download and add to your creations at will.

            This is where Songtree kicks in, keeping a tree-like journal of the progress of the creation of what could be the next hit that you created/started/contributed to! 

            There’s even a studio integrated in the app,with two views_

            Studio View:

            And Pro DAW view:

            This is where Songtree takes que from it’s more powerful sibling app n-Track Studio 8 integrating effects and a few UI functionality from the latter.

            The app is pretty stable as a service and looks promising, even if the ability to collaborate isn’t in realtime. You can get Songtree for Android or iOS- if virtual collaboration it s your cup of tea,hit the download links below the Review ratings.

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