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        Audio Quality





            • REAL-TIME Collaboration with Video Chat
            • Great Sounds,Loops and Effects


            • Mobile Apps Too CPU Hungry
            Soundtrap running in the Chrome mobile browser 

            Soundtrap is a (Truly) Cross-platform Music Production DAW with real-time Collaboration features. That piece of info alone puts it in a category all it’s own.

            A few weeks ago, I did a review of N-Track Studio 8 – another DAW with collaborative features. The thing is, the collaboration isn’t real time. While you can work with, complete, or even remix the work of your DAW peers; there’s just nothing like a virtual session complete with a video feed that can be synced from either end of the session. Soundtrap delivers on that front.

            Soundtrap for Android, identical to the iOS version.

            Another place where Soundtrap delivers is the fact that it runs on every OS on the planet: Android ,iOS, MacOS, Windows, Chrome OS,Linux,and every modern Web browser. Yep,Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.

            Meaning, anyone with Desktop, Laptop, or Smartphone with a fast enough internet connection can join your session and contribute.  


            There is a huge sound library, although your membership tier determines how much of the sounds you have access to. The Instruments are broken down into the Brass & Woodwinds, Strings, Guitar, Bass, Synths,Keyboards and Drum categories.

            Soundtrap Studio contains a pretty versatile Sound Library, which is of a quality only rivaled only by Apple’s Garageband.


            The effects library is one of the most broad and complete as well, covering all the essentials like EQ, Reverb, Delay and Compression- as well as more creative ones like Slapback, Rotary and Fuzz. 

            And they have Antares Auto-Tune built-in…no seriously. Auto-Tune is built into the audio tracks in Soundtrap:

            Auto-Tune is always just two clicks away


            If your not too good of a musician, there are tons of loops on deck to help you get started.

            Setting up an Soundtrap membership is free, but it’s limited to 5 projects and a limited selection of Instruments, Loops, and Effects. They have Pro and Premium Memberships as well, the latter unlocks all of the programs features. You can purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions.

            Soundtrap Studio may not be one the first DAWs to implement real-time virtual collaboration into it’s workflow, but it’s certainly the first and make it available everywhere. And it may very well be the best of all the options in that category.

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