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FL Studio Mobile 3 Walkthrough

Rejoice FL Studio users! You’re one of the chosen few who actually have a full blown mobile version of your DAW to lay down a groove while on the go. It’s practically an entirely new program from the desktop version with it’s own learning curve, so today I’m going to help you incorporate FL Studio Mobile into your work flow.

The song timeline view is pretty straightforward, but it has some powerful capabilities tucked away that aren’t too obvious to a beginning DAW user. There are two sets of track types: MIDI for the Synth and Drum Tracks , and Audio for the Wave and Vocal Tracks.Then you have the Master Track.

The many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the size of the keys on the touch piano, will he pleased to learn that the keys are resizable:

 Just place your thumbs anywhere on the gray bar, preferably on the sides of the the transport (Rec,Rewind, and Play buttons) to expand or contract the width of the keys.
 Another not-so-intuitive feature is the pattern view on drum tracks. You’d be surprised at how many people have asked in the YouTube Comments how to edit or change the kits on a drum track.

 Just Double Tap on any midi clip on your drum track to see the drum pattern view,or right click and choose the Edit button to access the pattern view of your drums.

There are alot of tweak-able controls in the Drum Pattern Area.

All of these features along with more advanced ones like Automation and Aux Sends which distributes FX to multiple tracks- are more digestible when demonstrated, like in the video below:

5 Useful (But somewhat Hidden) Windows 10 features

With the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there are a lot of new useful features that make the latest version of Windows the best ever. It combines the stability and start menu of Windows 7 with the (more refined) touch capabilities of Windows 8. This open the door for Windows devices to come in more form factors than the desktop and laptop,tablets,USB flash PCs, and even phablets all have a place withing the Windows ecosystem. This makes navigation a little less intuitive than when using a keyboard and mouse. Here are 5 hidden features to help you be more productive in Windows 10.

  • Control Panel access right from your Desktop

There’s nothing like needing to get to the task manager but an irate program is hogging all of the system resources. So,instead of searching through endless menus or even navigating through the “Metro” settings to get to the traditional Windows Control Panel settings-try right-clicking the Start Button for quick access to the most important Control Panel settings. A Long Press of the Windows Start icon on touchscreens works too.

  • Use the Touch Trackpad

There are plenty of moments that the precision of mouse clicks are more effective than your finger or even a stylus,such as copying and pasting text-or resizing images. Try using the Touch Trackpad when your missing that little white arrow.

  • Access Virtual Keyboard from Taskbar

This is the most well-known feature on the list, the virtual keyboard pops up whenever you need to enter text input in tablet mode. It’s not so intuitive when your using desktop mode,so it’s best to add it to the taskbar by right clicking anywhere on the taskbar and checking off “Show Touch Keyboard Button”.

  • Activate Windows Ink Workspace

I’m not sure if this is a feature available in the Anniversary Update, or if it’s a part of the upcoming Creators Update-but the Windows Ink Workspace is a killer feature. It’s useful for those looking to share screens, likes to write themselves Post-It notes, and future DiVinci’s who like to scribble to past time.


  •  The Media Creation Tool

OK,you got me. This isn’t a feature of Windows 10, but it’s a must have for any Windows Device owner. It essentially lets you install (or reinstall) Windows 10 should your PC begin running unexpectedly slow or gets infected. It’s also the only way to upgrade Windows 8 PCs to Windows 10 for free. Just use your product key for Windows 8 to complete the activation process. The Media Creation Tool doesn’t come pre-installed,but you can get it from HERE .

There are more hidden gems in Windows 10,with alot more due in the upcoming Creators update. Be sure to leave some of your favorite features in the comments below!

Beatmaking with FL Mobile 3

Aspiring beat makers,producers,and artists looking for a formidable tool for laying down musical ideas on the go need look no further than Image-Line’s 3rd version of FL Studio Mobile. Countless musical heavyweights swear by the desktop version of the app, and you can transfer projects to FL Studio Mobile’s Desktop Version to finalize and master you songs. Check the video below to hear what FL Studio Mobile is capable of.