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Become an Author, Google Docs, how to export to EPUB format, Microsoft Word, Publish a book -

If your looking to distribute an ebook in the proper format for reading on the Kindles' and iPads of the world you need your work to be
in .epub format. Use Docs to convert your Word or PDF file in three simple steps:

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FL Studio Mobile, Garageband for iOS, Mobile DAWs -

Two of the most popular Music Making brands in software, FL Studio Mobile and Garageband (iOS), long regarded as "tools for beginners” at best,"toys” by the haters are two of the most powerful DAWs on the market. Today,they are used by every one from beginners to pros and they both have mobile apps that  empower millions to create professional quality music on the go. The only question is which app to choose? Producer and Recording Artist Tremendous answers that question in one word, “Both!" Check out the capabilities of both in the video below:

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Android, ChromeOS, Stagelight -

Straight Outta Austin the Live MusicCapital of the World, come Open LabsTechnologies a company once knownfor their Neko 64 Workstations are hardat work getting the word out about theirflagship DAW, Stagelight. Stagelight is a flexible music production program for Android, Windows and ChromeOS. It has a dark, but colorful UI/UX thatoffers two main views the Scene BuilderView and Timeline View to create custommusical compositions of your own. Combine your grooves, riffs, and refine your beats and melodies in theScenebuilder View The Timeline View is where vocals are typically recorded, one-shotsare added and your compositions are refined for the masses A...

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