Stagelight 4.0 Free to start (IAP)
  • User Interface - 100%
  • Sound Library - 82%
  • Features - 90%
  • Stability - 100%
  • Price - 90%

Open Labs Stagelight 4 Review

Tons of updates to the UI, speed and workflow  refinements, along with the addition of the SampleVerse instrument adds up to one superb  version 4 update.

Open Labs Stagelight 4 Review

The Timeline View is where vocals are typically recorded, one-shots are added and your compositions are refined for the masses

Stagelight is a flexible music production program for Android, iOS, Windows and ChromeOS. It has a dark, but colorful UI/UX that offers two main views the Scene Builder View and Timeline View to create custom musical compositions of your own.

Open Labs Stagelight 4 Review

Combine your grooves, riffs, and refine your beats and melodies in the Scenebuilder View
New to the fourth version of Stagelight is Sampleverse , a sampler/synthesizer hybrid instrument. It features the cutting edge MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
technology from ROLIThis allows for 5D expression, which gives instruments the ability to bend pitch, slide between sounds, and add spontaneity to your music by achieving things only tedious automation tools could previously accomplish. 

Open Labs Stagelight 4 Review

Sampleverse allows for automation and phasing of the Arpeggiator, Oscilliators, LFOs and more. Make custom out-of-this-world sounds no one has ever heard before. 

Open Labs Stagelight 4 Review 


Other instruments include Drum Machine, ElectroBass, ElectroPulse, ElectroComposer and VST/AU instruments and effects for PC and iOS.

The program is free to download and try
for all platforms, with the option to upgrade
broken down into platform tiers. The in-app store offers an arsenal of sounds and additional pro features.

Stagelight has an Ableton Live-type workflow, with it’s DJ-oriented session view, and the more traditional timeline view for when you want a more linear workflow. The Sound Library contains nice quality presets and samples along with the right amount of features for beginners and pro users alike.

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